Useful Tools

Find the functions you need in the toolbar for successful and competent planning of your intervention.

Exact Alignment

Define your image section and angle as you need it for planning.


Set optical markings and receive a precisely calculated image pair for your planning.

Smooth transition

Create your plan and check your work at any time on both images of your patient.

Classic Tooth Forms

Take advantage of the opportunity to orient your planning according to four classic tooth forms.

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The Esthetic-Dental-Axis-Planning-ASSISTANT (EDAP-ASSISTANT) makes it possible for you to create a detailed dental aesthetic plan in the shortest amount of time.

You make plans with the help of the EDAP-ASSISTANT and your iPad/iPhone based on the Natural Head Position (NHP). Communication between patient, dentist and dental technician is significantly simplified and accelerated. This not only allows you to present your patients with a quick and uncomplicated aesthetic planning draft but also your interdisciplinary team of specialists.

Possible changes or further drafts can be realized quickly. The EDAP-ASSISTANT is therefore also a perfect communication tool for everyone involved.


With the EDAP-ASSISTANT you can easily create detailed aesthetic plans for and with your patients. The system consists of a software (EDAP-ASSISTANT-App) and a special "photo holder" (EDAP-ASSISTANT-Stand).

The EDAP-ASSISTANT stand was developed to create an extra-oral and intraoral photo of your patient in approximately the same head position or level. Only in this way is it possible to quickly and easily obtain the images necessary for planning the so-called "match" (overlay of the extra-oral and intraoral photo). This is a basic prerequisite for meaningful, detailed and calibrated planning.
The images are created with the help of your iPhone. The planning itself is then carried out with the EDAP-ASSISTANT app on your iPad.

At the beginning of the process, two images of the patient are taken with the help of the EDAP-ASSISTANT stand.

The images are loaded into the EDAP-ASSISTANT app, calibrated and automatically merged.

Now you can plan the procedure with the necessary tools and switch between the images at any time.


The EDAP-ASSISTANT app offers you numerous tools to achieve your work in dental aesthetic planning easier. The program guides you through the matching/calibration process. You can then carry out your aesthetic planning "effortlessly".

Drawing, measuring, planning tooth shapes, etc. is then possible in different projects or drafts. In this way you can quickly and effectively create a wide variety of planning variants and discuss them in detail with your patients and team of specialists.

This gives your patients a first impression of their possible treatment result in a very quick and easy manner.

3-Point Calibration

Combine your images precisely


Define your work area

Ledger lines

Assess horizontal or vertical elements better


Measure distances and read the real measurement


Measure the aspect ratio of teeth and elements


Add freehand drawings to your planning


Integrate flexible form templates into your planning

Continuous change

You can switch between both images of your patient at any time and infinitely variable


Take your consulting/work process to a new level. This enables you to present your patients and treatment team with a quick and meaningful preliminary aesthetic plan in the shortest possible time.

In addition, you can plan, measure and design not only the "white aesthetics" but also the "red aesthetics" with your team of specialists (dentist, surgeon, periodontist, orthodontist, dental technician, etc.)


  • flexible 3-axis tripod
  • special designed holder for iPhone and mirror
  • laser for spatial orientation and alignment
  • spatial levelling with software help (app)
  • the holder and tripod can be stowed away to save space
  • iPhone not included

EDAP-Assistant Software

  • iPad app for professional dental aesthetics planning
  • organization in patient files
  • 3-point calibration for optimal alignment of captured images
  • integrated tools for direct working on patient images
  • iPad not included


Total Price excl.VAT.


If you are not yet sure whether the EDAP-ASSISTANT is right for you, we have summarised the most frequently asked questions and answers here.

Can I use the EDAP-ASSISTANT app without the EDAP-ASSISTANT stand?

A basic requirement for optimal planning is an extra-oral and intraoral photo of your patient in approximately the same head position or level. This is hardly possible with a "free hand". Therefore, planning without the EDAP-ASSISTANT stand does not make sense.

Can I also use the EDAP-ASSISTANT app on my iPhone?

The EDAP-ASSISTANT app was developed exclusively for the iPad. The screen size of an iPhone is not sufficient for detailed planning.

How can I learn to use the EDAP-ASSISTANT?

The EDAP-ASSISTANT is designed to be intuitive (see video). However, if you would like to receive more extensive knowledge from experienced specialists, further training is offered regularly (see further training).

Will the EDAP-ASSISTANT be developed further?

Yes, a permanent further development is definitely planned. We can only regenerate knowledge and information for updates through user feedback and our daily work.

Is the use of a laser dangerous for the patient?

Professional and conscientious use of the EDAP-ASSISTANT stand can virtually rule out harm to the patient and the user. Also the use of a laser of the class ??? and reduction of the laser beam guarantees maximum safety.


The EDAP-ASSISTANT system has been designed by Dr. Schütz and Dr. Tawassoli to make the work process easier for you.

Their aim and motivation are to achieve and maintain the best possible outcome for their patients, both in terms of health and aesthetics. For them, the path to this goal has been based on a high degree of specialization in their practice, interdisciplinary cooperation, numerous advanced training courses, precision, care and decades of experience.

All such knowledge and practical experience have been incorporated into the development of the EDAP-ASSISTANT.


Further training with the EDAP-ASSISTANT is offered at regular intervals (TRAINING CALENDAR). Here a detailed procedure is explained and demonstrated in detail on the basis of patient cases (live demo/hands-on). Afterwards you will be able to integrate the EDAP-ASSISTANT immediately into your daily practice routine and use it successfully.

April 12th 2019,14:30–18:00

Speaker:Dr. Frank Schütz



May 24th 2019,14:30–18:00

Speaker:Dr. Frank Schütz



Jul 5th 2019,14:30–18:00

Speaker:Dr. Frank Schütz




Please contact us. We will be happy to advise you and answer your questions about the EDAP-ASSISTANT.

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